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Rural Team Expansion in Tax Planning

Last updated: Thursday, 4th February 2021, 08:09

Bruton Knowles with John Amos & Co are delighted to announce that from the 4th January the Rural Team in Leominster has been joined by Geoff Coster. 

Geoff joins the team to bring additional experience and expansive knowledge into Tax Planning and Valuation work on a national basis covering farms, land and development.

Geoff will join the team at Leominster working with another experienced Valuer, John Amos in these fields to give an unrivalled valuation specialism, particularly in relation to Inheritance Tax Planning and Capital Gains Tax planning.

Geoff brings with him over 30 years’ experience in these sectors having been lead rural property valuation expert for the Valuation Office and HMRC advising them on complex Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax cases including Expert Witness work in both the first tier and upper Tribunals.  Geoff has also recently been the National President for the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers in 2018 / 2019 and for a number of years has been an Examiner for the Valuers Association.

John Amos said “We are delighted to have Geoff joining our team at this crucial period.  We have had a difficult time throughout the world with the Covid crisis and within the UK, Brexit and pressure on the Basic Payment Scheme has brought to bear big decisions to be made for landowners in the future.”

With the debt rolled up from Covid, many pundits are predicting challenging times for the future in terms of capital taxes and good tax planning has never been more important, particularly for farmers, landowners and those with properties with development potential.

In addition to carrying out rural probate valuations including the most complex and difficult Estate valuations, the Company also offers lifetime tax planning to try and help businesses plan for the future and protect their assets as much as possible.  With the national coverage that Bruton Knowles offers with offices throughout the country, the taxation team are happy to help and support farmers, landowners and developers across the UK and also to support solicitors and accountants dealing with clients with complex issues that need expert background advice to complement the excellent guidance that they already receive from the other advisers.

Anyone wishing to consider their future tax planning or require valuations for taxation purposes, are invited to contact either Geoff Coster or John Amos on 01568 610007 for an initial without obligation discussion.

Rural Team Expansion in Tax Planning

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